Want to pay a customer who is located outside of your city or state but has no other alternative except to use a credit card?

Using request payments, merchants and small companies may now make or receive payments through PaidKiya.com. When such a request is received at the receiver's end, he, too, has the option of paying against the invoice issued by the merchant for the services or items supplied.

All you need to decide on is, how to make payment for the services used. PaidKiya allows You to choose a payment method from a debit/credit card and complete the transaction in a matter of seconds.

For instance, suppose you travel to another area of India and purchase a laptop there.

  • Due to a lack of cash, you prefer to pay the seller using PaidKiya.
  • Register with PaidKiya and complete the formalities on the spot.
  • Submit the invoice in its entirety, including the bank account information for the suppliers.
  • Pick a payment priority.
  • Check all payment information once more.
  • Finally, choose 'Pay Now'.

Accept your customer's debit or credit card payments.